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Join other SIG members for our watercooler chats, which are held in addition to our regularly scheduled meetings and presentations. This format provides an opportunity to participate in scheduled and moderated chats about selected topics. The idea is to have a time when we can gather around the virtual water cooler to exchange ideas through the TE SIG Adobe Connect Room. Chats can either be text only, be recorded, and/or contain a video component. Check Upcoming Events list on the SIG website for dates and times of upcoming watercooler chats.

Questions or comments? Contact the Watercooler Chat Manager.

General Watercooler Chat Information

  • No formal presentation will be given.
  • All who attend are encouraged to ask questions and to respond to questions, not just listen in.
  • The discussion will be held in the TE SIG Adobe Connect room .
  • Moderators can choose to give an audio/visual presentation, audio only, or text only.
  • Refer to the individual chat wiki page for details on the type of talk being given (text only, etc.).
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A transcript of each chat will be posted File Gallery in the file gallery (Members SIG members only).

Preparing for chats

Past Chats

Future chats

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